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7 Important Things That Search Engine Optimization Services UK Based Can Do For Your Website Migration



Businesses eventually move to new websites with a more updated design as their company grows bigger. Sadly, a lot of companies never plan for website migrations correctly. Due to this, changing your domain address or poorly moving your website from HTTP to HTTPS may negatively affect your organic search traffic. However, if you avail of search engine optimization UK based services, you’ll find it much easier moving to a different website. Below are the things that they can do for your new website.

1. They update internal links

Internal backlinks are all about HTML tags in your website code which help you hop from page to page. These must be updated even if you did your redirects properly. If your new website has too many redirects, it may slow your website’s performance, with a huge drop in your PageRank. You may get search engine optimization services UK based to update these links. SEO experts can do a search and replace operation on your database to update the website name without touching the folder structure, unless you’re planning on changing your website structure.

2. They know when to migrate

SEO experts make it a point to be properly organised and fully-prepared for website migrations in order for you to keep your traffic. For this reason, they will provide search engine optimization services UK based for your website migrations only during the slow part of the calendar year. They won’t advise you to conduct your website migration during or shortly before holidays. It’s always their goal to always protect your traffic, but if it’s reduced, then the most important thing is that you only have a minimal drop in your traffic. This is because you’re losing traffic when business is already slow.

3. Map your new website

If you want your visitors to feel contented, then it’s important to have a sitemap that makes sense and is convenient. Once your visitors easily get the important information that they want to find, they will likely come back to your website again. So hire search engine optimization UK based agencies to have a new website that provides a great user experience for your visitors.

4. Remove 404 pages

Your new website should have all of its pages functioning well. UK search engine optimization agencies will make sure of this by crawling your new website and search 404 pages. If they do find one, they wouldn’t redirect these pages to your main page. It’s better to find an alternative to a 404 page, and change the link itself to redirect to the replacement. Otherwise, it will be much better to just remove such pages, that is, if there aren’t too many broken pages.

5. Properly set up Google Search Console

For every website navigation, it’s important to set up a new property in Google Research Console. SEO specialists can verify if it’s the correct version, accounting for HTTP vs. HTTPS and www vs. no-www. They will submit sitemaps from your old and new websites to solidify the message the previous website has become redirected the new one.


Not only that, but they will also submit a change of address in the Google Search Console, require Google to crawl the newest sitemap, and use “fetch as Google” to submit your website to become indexed. They’re also responsible for making sure that all of your current redirects and links are error-free before accomplishing this.

6. Look at your analytics

You should always be monitoring your website’s traffic, even after the migration process.  UK search engine optimization agencies can produce a version of your Google Analytics data to inform you about how many visitors you get and which pages they’re visiting. If you notice that there’s a huge drop in your traffic, SEO experts will export the Google Analytics data from the new and old website and compare them with each other. This will let you determine which pages lost traffic. In many cases, a lack of traffic is going to be isolated to individual pages, instead of occurring over the entire website.

7. Avoid duplicate contents

During a website migration, problems like duplicate contents could happen. A duplicate content is when there are a lot of versions of the same link exist, and this should be resolved soon as it reduces your traffic. Luckily, SEO specialists can fix this issue by using redirects, so if an individual clicks the old URL, they will be instantly redirected to your new website.

A website migration may have benefits if done properly. However, it’s important to hire an SEO expert, so you don’t have a huge drop in your rankings. There’s no need to be afraid of moving to another website. As long as you find yourself a reliable search engine optimization UK based agency, the process will be smooth and simple.

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